Pregnancy and body issues and tips on how to work through them

So, I have always been that lucky person that would keep about the same weight no matter what I did, and still not really love body. I have put in a lot of work to being okay and comfortable with myself. Like I think most women, and probably a lot of men too, have had to do. I spent a lot of years with just a few self hating thoughts while in a bikini, but mostly I was completely fine which I am very grateful for now.

Cute vacay pic of me and my best friend Anna from 2016

About a year ago my body had a bit of a shock when changing some medication, but also because of some other changes in my life. I started working and studying from home and moved from an apartment on the 6th floor without elevator, to an apartment on the ground floor. I gained about 10 kg in a month, which was really hard to cope with. All of a sudden none of my clothes fit me properly, and even those that did, looked completely different and I was so uncomfortable in my own body.

So when I later found out that I was pregnant, of course I realized that my body would change. I also thought that I would kind of start admiring my body for what it was capable of and what was happening inside. But that was actually some what of a struggle. So I started to swell up pretty fast, I’m not gonna call it started showing, I swelled up. For months I was just looking a little fat, and I was already feeling fat, and it was actually really, really hard. So all the while being pregnant and dealing with all the feelings around that, I also needed to get back to doing the work I’d already done at 16 years of age and on, with my body image and self confidence.

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I do, however, feel a lot better now. And I would say that the reasons for this is:

  1. Having an amazing partner who always makes me feel good about myself.
  2. Always working on my mind and mindset through for example affirmations, gratitude journal and mediation.
  3. Starting to look at my body differently, admiring it for what it’s doing and will do, all the while it has become more real to me, which makes this one easier.
  4. Doing yoga at home (or a class of course), if only 5 minutes in the morning to start the day off in a good way.
  5. Going to the gym 2-3 times a week, where it’s important to do something you actually enjoy, for me that’s swimming, or just get out for some long walks and hikes.
  6. Eat better, I’m not saying eat super healthy all the time, but eat tasty food that is good for you, with the occasional treats of course.
  7. Lastly I went out and got some clothes that made me feel super good and comfortable (maternity clothes tho… let’s talk about that another day) .

So my biggest tip to other women feeling this way, pregnant or not, is to just take good care of yourself, cause I believe that if you feel healthy and strong you will also feel sexier and more confident.

What was your experience with your body changing, because of pregnancy or not?
What are your best tips to work on your body image?
What’s your tips on wellness when pregnant?