I promise to not take my body for granted again

This is my promise to myself. And I’m writing it down, both in my journal and here, for anyone to read (and remind me of) so that I don’t forget that I made this promise.

First of all I will never take my body for granted because of what it is capable of. Of what it can fucking do, which is completely inhuman. Because my body created a life, a human being.

Second of all, because I realize now how much time I have spent taken my body for granted. Blaming it, mistreating it, hating it. Not any more. I will not allow it. I have always been lucky and some what healthy and “normal” weight no matter what I put my body through (I mean come on, at some point I should definitely have been over weight with how I treated my body) and it has kept strong through laziness.

I realize now, how much I have taken all these things for granted. The easy movement and flexibility, the flat stomach, the non swollen feet and legs. I also realize how awful I have been to it, both physically and mentally.

So from now on I will be grateful and treat my body with the respect it deserves. I will take care of it and I will cherish it. Not only am I grateful that I could get pregnant, and have a completely non problematic pregnancy, it’s is also going to give birth, and heal afterwards (I hope… haha)

I have noticed a significant difference in the diagnoses that I have, psoriasis, arthritis, migraines and IBS since taking better care of myself mentally. Just imagine how amazing I would feel if I also took better care of myself physically. And this pregnancy has given me that motivation, to not take my body for granted, to open my eyes to how truly amazing it actually is and to stop hating it, and being mean to it.

It’s time to let go of all the old grudges and love my body like it deserve to be loved and treat it like it deserves to be treated. I promise, not to take my body for granted again.

Self Care with a baby

It’s so important to put yourself first. You can’t pour from an empty cup. So I have been thinking about that lately. How to keep up with my self care with a baby. It must be tough, but it must be possible.

It’s so important for my well being, my habits, to keep my routine. It’s important for my mental health and for my happiness. I’m guessing that I will fall out of it with a newborn but then I’m gonna have to find a way back, even if it might have to be a bit differently.

What are you opinions? Did you have a self care routine before having kids? How did kids effect that? How do you keep up with your self care as a mama? Let me know all your tips and all your challenges!

July challenge

So last month I started a monthly challenge, for myself but also in my facebook group Self Love and Must Haves Club, feel free to join us! My June challenge was

  • Watching less TV
  • Preparing completely for baby
  • Writing down my goals and visualize every day

And I am pretty proud of myself. So my biggest challenge was definitely decreasing my TV watching. Cause I am addicted! Like no joke, I can not be in the same room as TV without it being on (thanks for that dad haha). And even though I’m still watching a lot of TV I have seriously decreased it. Especially the just watch to watch time. So if I watch TV now it is intentional, to watch something special and not just to keep in, which is a huge change. I have even stopped myself from watching something specific several times, paused it and ended up doing something different for hours even! So proud.

The preparing for baby thing was a challenge because there was a lot to do, it wasn’t really a challenge to do, since I’m the plan and do in a second type person. Babys room was basically finished the same day I found out I was pregnant (well not really, but kind of).

And the third one, writing down my goals and visualizing every day. I did, every day, for the entire month. How ever it shifted a little towards the end, from not writing down my specific goals but just allowing myself to dream and visualize freely.

All of my challenges was really good and I did them really well, I have to say. So for this month I will set challenges, but since I am going to have baby this month (wow, crazy thing to say), I will give myself some understanding if it doesn’t go as well.

  • I will read something for my personal development every day
  • I will meditate at least 5 days a week
    (these are the part of my morning routine that I have been a bit lazy with)
  • And I will disconnect more from my phone.

What are you challenges gonna be?

June challenge

It’s a new month and there is always something special with a new month I think. It’s feels like a new start. I’m a huge fan of setting goals and I have my long term ones and my short term ones. I write down and read my long term goals every day to remember what I am doing and why. Setting goals can be a hard thing to do, because I believe that we learn to not aim to high and to be too realistic. I have had to work through some serious blocks to be able to dare to set super high goals for myself and learn that it’s okay to want it all.

The book I am reading right now is called “Get rich, lucky bitch”, so far phenomenal by the way, and she mentioned something really interesting about how we even learn from when we’re young that we shouldn’t say our dreams and wishes out loud cause then they won’t come true…

Anyway, this is a huge part of my personal development, working through my fears and blocks about aiming high, setting goals, money and mindset. And I’m also planning on setting up some challenges for myself.

So except for my goals I’m setting up some June challenges for myself.

  • Seriously reduce my time in front of the TV.
    I’m one of those people who actually do a lot at the same time as watching TV so I never really saw it as a problem. Lately I’ve felt that even if I can be productive, I’m definitely not as effective or present. And also it makes me spend a lot more time inside, at home.
  • Write my goals down and visualize them every single day.
    Not only every other day but every single day. And really work through the blocks that pop up when my mind starts telling my I can’t do it or that my goals are too high.
  • Completely prepare for baby.
    Not one single item or thing left on the list of things to do to prepare for this little baby girls arrival.

Do you accept the challenge?
Decide your own 3 challenges that you think will help you develop during the next month?

Examples for creating a morning routine that works for you

So for me a morning routine is very important. I feel a huge difference when I have done my morning routine and when I have not. It’s setting a tone for the rest of the day.

I have had a few different routines, and there are so many different versions. What’s important is to create a routine that works for you and that doesn’t feel like a chore but feels like something that makes you feel good.

I like to start off with something clean. To wake me up and make me feel fresh

  • A proper skincare routine
  • Wash your face with cold water
  • A shower
One of my favorite skin care systems
Let me know if you wanna know more about it!

Then I like to do a quick stretch session, I have tired to do the full on yoga session or a long walk, but the morning is just not the right time for that for me. I do think it’s important to do some sort of movement.

  • Take a walk
  • Go to the gym
  • Go for a run
  • Do some exercises at home
  • A full on yoga session
  • Stretching

I try to start my day in silence in general, no music, or podcasts, or tv, just silence. It makes me feel calm. I have listened to music and podcasts and motivational videos but for me the silence is what I need. Get some space in your mind, calm those rushing thoughts. Give yourself a break.

  • Meditation
  • Praying
  • Breathing
  • Calming music

Writing. Journaling. Now this is my favorite one. I could not be without it. For me journaling is like organizing my thoughts and mind. I have an amazing planner that I fill out every morning and night, but also just a notebook where I write freely. I make sure to write down what is happening in my head, gratitude and visualization.

  • Gratitude list
  • Visualize
  • Journaling
  • Reflections
  • Affirmations
  • Goals
  • To do’s for the day
  • Morning motivation video (example here)

Other things that I think are important for my mornings are

  • Get up on time, no stress
  • Have a good breakfast
  • Enjoy my cup of coffee
  • Cuddle with my pups
  • Get dressed and ready
  • Air out the bedroom (especially important when one is allergic like me)
  • Reading

I wish I could make the bed in the morning, but I need to air out properly for some time before I can do that. The last point on the list here is not really true for me yet. I really want to incorporate reading into my morning routine, but I’m not quite there with the time I have.

What are your best tips on how to create a good morning routine?
What are the routines that are the most important to you?
Do you believe that starting your day in a good way changes the rest of your day?

7 things I do every week to stay healthy and happy

(Inlägget innehåller reklam genom annonslänk för bokus)

The other day I posted about my morning routine which is a big part of my self care and well being. And like I mentioned in that post, personal development is a big part of my life. Being the best possible version of myself and also feeling as good as possible.

So today I thought I’d go though some more things that I do to work on myself and take care of myself. More so like a weekly routine

1. Skin care. At least one day a week I do a proper skin cleanse, I take good care of my skin on a daily basis. But once a week I go an extra mile. Then I do a deep cleansing mud mask, a super hydrating mask and finishing off with some glowing self tanning gel. You can find all of them right here:
Swedish link
Spanish link
(you can choose one, two or all the products through the link, if you need a link for another country, comment what country)


2. Work out. I try to go to the gym about 2-3 times a week. Now Imma be honest, sometimes it’s just once. But most weeks I find the time to go more than that. Gym is not really my thing, but I decided to sign up for a gym that has a swimming pool, cause that’s more so relaxation for me than working out, and it’s great when you’re pregnant. So that going to the gym becomes a part of my self care and relaxation too.

3. Read. I would love to put this on my daily habits, and I’m working on it. But reading a few times a week is still better than not reading at all. I make sure to always keep one book for personal development and one fiction book for pleasure going. Books for personal development I love for example

If you live in Sweden I recommend my favorite place to buy books Bokus

4. Get out. This one is of course easier when the weather is better. We always try to take the dogs for a longer walk to the beach, to a park or for a easy hike. Usually without looking at my phone and just enjoying the fresh air and the company of my favorite people and my pups.

Our little family for a little hike on Montjuic, visiting the cactus garden

5. Have a to-do-day. I always make sure that I have one day a week, usually on the weekend, where I check off all those annoying to-do’s that just stay on your to-do-list day after day. Some admin stuff, cleaning stuff, laundry or what ever it may be.

6. Take a bath. Now this one is not for everyone. And I actually didn’t like baths before, too stressed out to relax. Now, I love them! But I have also learned to relax more. I take a bath almost every week, and I make sure I have time to really relax so that I can take my time.

7. Braindump. As I have mentioned before journaling is something that I love doing and I’m also one of those people who believe that journaling is for everyone. So once a week I do a real braindump, which means that I write down everything that is on my mind. All the annoying to-do’s that’s in my head, all the things that haven’t really gone well and all the things that have. Just to kind of empty my head and reflect on the week. There’s always something to learn, to take with you and to leave behind.

What are your best tips on a weekly routine?
What are you favorite things to do to keep a positive mind during the week?
Best book tips for personal development?

8 things I do every morning to start my day in a great way

I have touched this subject a little while talking about
1. Handling pregnancy hormones
2.Working through body issues

I value my personal growth very highly and keep it a part of my daily habits. One of my biggest missions, even bigger now since finding out I’m gonna become a mother, is to be the best possible version of myself and also to be as happy as I can possibly be. And I think those two go together.

So what does this actually mean? There are so many things out there that you can or should be doing and let’s face it, if we would follow all the advice out there we just wouldn’t have time for anything else. So I think it’s important to make sure you do what works for you. Working on yourself shouldn’t feel like a must.

For me it’s very important to start every day in the best possible way. I mean, how the day starts will just set the tone for the rest of the day. So my morning routine looks like this
1. I get up so that I have lots of time before I head to class. A stressful morning will just follow me for the entire day.
2. Skincare routine, always using my skincare device which does the job in 2 minutes. Even more important with pregnancy skin…
Get your own with a 10% discount through the links:
In the links you’ll find the product with cleansers for 5 different skintypes, just choose the one you want and finish the order.
Swedish link
Spanish link
If you live somewhere else, leave a comment and I’ll give you a link.

My skincare device, the lumispa, completely changed my life.

3. Stretching. This has also become more important to me with the pregnancy, since my back usually hurt in the morning and I just feel more stiff. Since I started doing my 5-min morning yoga I feel a lot better.
4. Meditation. I use an app like headspace or inside timer, or I find something on youtube. About 10-15 min of guided meditation. This has really changed so much for me. For finding my calm and being more present.

5. Visualization. Now how you wanna do this is completely up to you. I have done my visualization in a few different ways. Writing for example. Lately I have found another way though. I start a strong song or meditation music and close my eyes and then I visualize my future, my dreams, myself reaching my goals, my family living in our dream house, visualizing where you are, and who you’re with when reaching your goals and living your dream.
6. Journaling. I write, my feelings and thought in general, what’s going on inside me at the moment. I also write down to-do’s and ideas, and I fill out my daily greatness journal I’m completely in love with this planner, it has weekly planning, 90-day goals, daily schedule, gratitude and
7. Breakfast. I always make sure I have time for a good breakfast. Of course this also got more important since I got pregnant, but I do think it’s important either way. I always do oatmeal with soy milk and blue berries, and of course my supplements and prenatal vitamins. Now when it comes to supplements, since I started taking them I haven’t been sick once, and I feel so much more energetic and strong (accept for my first trimester where nothing could stop the tiredness) and you should always check with your doctor before taking any if you’re pregnant. Here’s 15% off of my supplements.
Swedish link
Spanish link
(and again, if you live somewhere else, comment and I’ll give you a link)

Here are all the areans which the supplements are good for.

8. Lastly, I walk to class. I’m lucky enough to have a good distance to my classes. Hopefully I will manage to exchange the walk to school for a longer walk with the dogs once I don’t have classes anymore. Point is, move!

What’s your morning routine like?
How do you think a morning routine effects the rest of your day?
What are your best tips for starting the day in a good way?

Pregnancy and body issues and tips on how to work through them

So, I have always been that lucky person that would keep about the same weight no matter what I did, and still not really love body. I have put in a lot of work to being okay and comfortable with myself. Like I think most women, and probably a lot of men too, have had to do. I spent a lot of years with just a few self hating thoughts while in a bikini, but mostly I was completely fine which I am very grateful for now.

Cute vacay pic of me and my best friend Anna from 2016

About a year ago my body had a bit of a shock when changing some medication, but also because of some other changes in my life. I started working and studying from home and moved from an apartment on the 6th floor without elevator, to an apartment on the ground floor. I gained about 10 kg in a month, which was really hard to cope with. All of a sudden none of my clothes fit me properly, and even those that did, looked completely different and I was so uncomfortable in my own body.

So when I later found out that I was pregnant, of course I realized that my body would change. I also thought that I would kind of start admiring my body for what it was capable of and what was happening inside. But that was actually some what of a struggle. So I started to swell up pretty fast, I’m not gonna call it started showing, I swelled up. For months I was just looking a little fat, and I was already feeling fat, and it was actually really, really hard. So all the while being pregnant and dealing with all the feelings around that, I also needed to get back to doing the work I’d already done at 16 years of age and on, with my body image and self confidence.

All of the amazing photos of me and my fiancé were taken by

I do, however, feel a lot better now. And I would say that the reasons for this is:

  1. Having an amazing partner who always makes me feel good about myself.
  2. Always working on my mind and mindset through for example affirmations, gratitude journal and mediation.
  3. Starting to look at my body differently, admiring it for what it’s doing and will do, all the while it has become more real to me, which makes this one easier.
  4. Doing yoga at home (or a class of course), if only 5 minutes in the morning to start the day off in a good way.
  5. Going to the gym 2-3 times a week, where it’s important to do something you actually enjoy, for me that’s swimming, or just get out for some long walks and hikes.
  6. Eat better, I’m not saying eat super healthy all the time, but eat tasty food that is good for you, with the occasional treats of course.
  7. Lastly I went out and got some clothes that made me feel super good and comfortable (maternity clothes tho… let’s talk about that another day) .

So my biggest tip to other women feeling this way, pregnant or not, is to just take good care of yourself, cause I believe that if you feel healthy and strong you will also feel sexier and more confident.

What was your experience with your body changing, because of pregnancy or not?
What are your best tips to work on your body image?
What’s your tips on wellness when pregnant?