A life-changing decision

So, I never in a million years thought I would say this.

We are moving to Sweden!

I was so sure I was in the right place, that we were gonna stay here. I always said I’m never going back. But somewhere along the way it changed. When Emma was born and my parents were visiting the thought started somewhere, but I still dismissed it. And to be honest, I never thought Odi would be open to the idea. And after they’d left it got stronger and stronger. With a new baby and a whole new life I started realizing how alone we were. I started thinking about my childhood, and having a huge family and so many family friends around and I realized that we don’t have that. And even if we could get out more and make more connections it just won’t be the same. Not to mention the help, that we don’t have here, with the baby and the dogs and everything. They say it takes a village, and we definitely do not have a village here.

The more I started missing my family and friends, the more I saw what we’re missing here and everything we would have there. And it made me really sad. How much they would miss with Emma, and how much I’m gonna miss. For myself this place is amazing to live, for us as a couple too, and we don’t really have a need to a huge social life. But as a family, and for Emma, as parents, for me as a mom, all of sudden this place didn’t feel right anymore.

We went back and forth for some time, and non of us like being in an in between, we’re people who take action. I still felt that the right decision would be clear at one point or another. The more I thought about it the more I realized that all we really have in life is time, and all that’s really important is your loved ones. So we decided that it was time for a new adventure.

I never thought it would be scarier moving back than it was to move away. I guess it’s because I never thought I would, and because I left for a reason. But I am a different person now, and my life is different, and I need different things, we do. So there are a lot of things that are unclear, and there are so many things that need to fall into place, but it feels like the right choice.

As usual with us it all went really fast too, as soon as we decided we started fixing everything and all of a sudden we were moving in a few weeks. Odi decided to stay behind and work a bit more before joining us, which is obviously so hard for all of us. We sold all our stuff, hired a moving company and then we were off.

I cannot believe that we’re doing this. It’s so unreal and I have no idea if this is gonna be the right thing. But one thing is for sure, you need to follow your heart and your gut. And what’s the worst thing that can happen? We end up not liking to live there and we move somewhere else. We really have so many choices, sometimes to many, and making one doesn’t mean it’s forever, maybe it’s just for right now.

It feels so weird and a bit sad to leave this chapter behind. Barcelona has given me so much, so much self development, so many dreams, so many good times, parties and amazing amazing memories, moving here also meant meeting the love of my life, getting engaged, having my baby girl and one extra fluffy baby too. I will always be so extremely happy that we moved here and for all the times we’ve spent here. It’s gonna be sad to leave, but I’m so excited to be closer to our loved ones, and to see what this new adventure has to offer.

The big move to Barcelona – how and why we ended up here

So as you might know. I am living in Barcelona. And you might be wondering how and why I ended up here, well except for the obvious reasons of why one would want to live in this fabulous city. I grew up in a small town in Sweden, Trelleborg. I never really wanted to stay there but it’s easy to get stuck. And so we did. Me and my best friend were living together, in an apartment I owned, with our dogs, with jobs, and school and we were just going about our lives as usual. We were sitting on the balcony one day talking and I turned to Anna and asked her what the fuck we were doing there, why we were living there, and if that was gonna be the rest of our lives. And how surprised was I when Anna thought leaving was a good idea.

So we made a decision, then and there, to leave, at least give it a try. We discussed how we could make it possible. What we would do with the dogs, the apartment and everything. About 3 months later we had booked a Spanish course, gotten the dogs passports and rented out the apartment, we said goodbye and left.

Always hanging on the beach when living 2 minutes away

We had an apartment already booked, we didn’t really have a choice with the dogs. And we had already paid a deposit, which was kind of nerv wracking since we had read a lot about people being scammed. But we were lucky, we got there in the middle of the night, with suitcases and dogs and we saw the tiny little apartment on the ground floor in Barceloneta. It was like living in a bunker. We lived there for about 4 months before the owner let us know the apartment on the top floor was gonna be available, with a private rooftop terrace, so we obviously said yaaaaas.

My first birthday in Barcelona, celebrated on our rooftop

We spent about a year in the building, just around the corner from the beach, in about 25 km2, first studying Spanish and then working a bit. We had a blast. We went out all the time, we had rooftop parties, we had so much fun. And then we went home that summer, sold my apartment, traveled the whole summer and came back to a new, much bigger, rental. And the rest is history, I met my fiance, he moved in with us, we calmed down a lot with the partying, we changed jobs and started businesses and continued studying. And we lived there, until we moved to this place in december and a whole new chapter of our lives started.

I will always remember that day on the balcony when we made this huge, life-changing decision. It took some time, even if Barcelona is an amazing city, it still took time to find our way and feel like home. It’s very different vacationing in a place and actually creating a life in a place. What made the final decision was actually going home again, coming home to visit that first Christmas was amazing, but coming back to Barcelona afterwards, it really felt like coming home, and then we knew it was right. But I guess that’s why a lot of people go here for a few months and then go back home, they don’t stick it out, they just party and doesn’t really find their day to day life, or maybe they just don’t wanna live here, that is also a possibility. But I am so happy that we decided to stay, it turned out to be the best decision we ever made.

Celebrating midsummer with out little family