Expectations before expecting vs reality

Let’s talk about expectations. Because this has been a very interesting part of my pregnancy, I don’t know about you guys, but I had a lot of expectations, since I was young, about what it would be like to be pregnant. And they didn’t turn out to be very true.

  1. I always thought I would feel like an adult
  2. I thought that I would feel it immediately, that I would feel different
  3. I thought finding it out would look like it does in the movies
  4. I thought I would be deadly scared to give birth

First of all, I do not feel more like an adult than I did before and I don’t feel more ready either. Does anyone ever feel ready to have a baby? Well, maybe some people do. I, however, am not one of those people.

Second of all, I did not feel it. And that was actually a contribute to the whole confusion in the beginning of the pregnancy. I didn’t feel anything different, well in some way very lucky, since I didn’t vomit. I was just very, very tired, but I didn’t associate that with pregnancy. It was very hard to understand that I was actually pregnant while looking and feeling exactly the same as before.

Third, finding out did not look like in the movies. It was just complete and utter shock. I didn’t know how to react, or feel or what to do, or say. 500 million feelings came rushing through me, tears were streaming down my face but I wasn’t really crying and then I just started walking around in circles.

Forth, now this one is a very good one. I have always been deadly scared of giving birth. To the point where I have actually thought I didn’t want kids because I would never wanna give birth. And in the beginning of the pregnancy I couldn’t mention it or bare that someone else would mention it, I just ignored that it would happen eventually. But after some time, I was completely fine. I mean, it’s kind of cool, what our bodies can do. And in some weird way I’m excited to get to experience it. Most of all, the giving birth part is something that my body is kind of made to do, having a baby however, now THAT is the scary part! ‘

Stomach starting to grow!!

What was your expectations before you got pregnant?
And what was reality like?
If your not pregnant, do you have these expectations too?