Eating and moving

I have to say that I really enjoy having taken a step away from social media, to the point of forgetting about posting and realizing a week later that I haven’t posted anything for a while. For about 2 years when doing network marketing that would never happen. I really loved doing network marketing for a while but for now I really love being more present in the now. I still love writing though, so even if the lack of consistency might make a lack of readers, I’m gonna continue when I feel like it anyway.

So we’ve been continuing with the taste portions for Emma and she’s loving it. She literally throws herself on the spoon and she’s so great at eating already. Her growing attention span makes it harder and harder to breastfeed since she’s paying attention to all sounds and movements around.. So all of this makes me feel like it’s time to start changing out breastfeeding for meals soon. But we’re taking it slow for now. (And I know the recommendation is to wait until they’re 6 months, but I’m more so looking at her and how she’s acting than getting caught up on how many days and weeks she is).

In other amazing news, we got the date! The date when we’ll get the keys for the apartment, and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ve really lived in luxury with my parents, getting dinner served and groceries delivered, house cleaned and someone watching Emma basically anytime. But we’re also so excited about finally getting our own place. And we’ll live so close to my parents that the dinners and babysitting could continue… haha! We also got some old furniture with the apartment that will be my project to fix up. I’m so excited for everything happening in our lives right now. So excited!

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