Trying foods for the first time

The sleeping has been better since we stopped the antibiotics, she’s still waking up but falling asleep faster since she doesn’t seem to have a stomach ache anymore. That was until last night, when she woke up at 3.30 and she would not fall back asleep. She was wide awake, smiling and all, and she thought it was about time to get up. So after trying to get her to go back to sleep for about an hour, I gave up. She fell asleep eventually so all and all we got a good nights sleep, just with some awake time in between.

This week we started trying out some foods. It didn’t really start as planned though since my mom went ahead and gave her some ice cream when we went out for dinner on Friday night. Yea yea yea I know, obviously we shouldn’t feed her ice cream, but we’re talking a drop not a scoop. We followed that up with mashed potatoes, banana, carrots and oatmeal. And she is a faaaaan. She has seemed to be craving food for a while, following your fork going from the plate to the mouth with an obsessed look in her eyes.

In Sweden it’s recommended to start trying foods from 4 months, and I guess it depends on the baby and how interested he or she seems to be in food. It’s so much fun seeing her trying to eat, which doesn’t really go all that well for now, since it all just keeps falling out.

In other news, we bought an apartment. Yes we BOUGHT an apartment. We had literally no idea it could be this fast but it worked out and it feels amazing. Everything has really fallen into place to perfectly since we moved here and we are doing better than ever. Our relationship is completely phenomenal, the baby is doing great, we bought our own place, we’re getting married in a few months. We might not be compatible in every way but when it comes to getting what we want we are a freaking force of nature.

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