Home from the hospital

This has been a tough week. And I didn’t even realize how tough until we got home from the hospital. We got home yesterday. She still had a pretty high level of infection in her body but she seemed so much better and had no fever so we got to go home and then go back for tests again today.

Anna came to meet me at the hospital when we were leaving and we went for lunch before dad picked us up and we went home. I immediately unpacked our stuff and did some laundry. My parents were taking the dogs out and they took Emma with them and I went to Nikkis for a coffee.

I immediately started feeling guilty for leaving her when she’s sick. Not that there was anything I could actually do about it. I guess it was because I’ve barely left her side for the past 2 days. And then when I got to Nikkis I got a bit emotional, but it was still fine. However later last night I caught myself being really angry at Odi for no apparent reason. And I couldn’t stop myself, it just came out of me for no reason, out of nowhere and then I started crying, like a baby! I didn’t even know why. I guess this situation have affected me more than I’d like to admit, and apparently I kept it all hidden while she got sick and we went to the hospital, cause as soon as I relaxed it came crashing down.

I feel better now though. We had a great dinner with my parents, I had a long shower and did all our laundry, and then we had a pretty good nights sleep. And not only that, we went back to the hospital earlier today and the level of infection i her body had gone way down, so she’s really getting better now.

My parents left this morning so we’re gonna have an evening to ourselves, our little family, amazing timing for it after all that has gone down this week. I’m just so extremely grateful to have family and friends around that has been there for us, visited us and helped us as much as possible, and of course for Emma getting better.

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