So with my last post I definitely didn’t mean to say that you shouldn’t go to the emergency because of course it’s better to be safe than sorry. My choice not to go straight was based on the fact that her fever went away, and from advice I got through different phone calls with nurses and health care centers. It was not from me thinking I know better.

We went to the emergency yesterday, as soon as the fever came back again. They did some tests, urin test was one of them and oh my god have I ever experienced anything as boring as waiting for a baby to pee… In a cup… A real workout for my arms to hold her right.

Her fever had gone down again and I was longing to go home, Emma seemed fine, smiling and laughing. Then they came back in telling us we needed to stay one or two days, I was completely chocked. But of course it felt good that they were being safe and wanted to make sure she was fine. She had a high level of infection in her body.

We’re still at the hospital, Odi visited last night, Anna came today and so did my grandparents and my dad came with lunch. We had a pretty good night. The fever still comes and goes and they want to keep us here another night, running more tests and giving her medicine. We’re okay and Emma is charming everyone here! Now we’re just hoping she’ll get better soon.

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