The first time our baby girl got sick

Our little girl has gotten sick. For the first time. And oh wow how awful it feels, how helpless you feel… She’s been sleeping a bit bad the last few days and seemed to have some stomach ache. Then the night before last she got a fever, but it went away quite fast. It came back in the middle of the night, but went away again and then it came back with a force. Poor little girl had more than 39 degrees and we tired to get an appointment with a doctor but when I finally got a hold of someone they didn’t have any appointments and her fever had gone down.

We decided to wait and see how the night went. It was quite okay, except for a moment when she woke up and was shaking and crying, it was so scary and I’ve never been happier to be here with my parents and just being able to go into the other room to get help from my mom (who’s not just a mom of three but also a nurse)

She slept through the rest of the night and when she woke up the fever was gone. She’s still sleeping alot but she seems better and the fever is staying away. After still trying to get an appointment with a doctor just to check so that everything is okay. Eventually they told us to go to the emergency. And I understand that it’s for safety reasons but to me it doesn’t seem reasonable to take my baby girl, who doesn’t have a fever anymore, in a car or on a bus to go into Malmö and then sit and wait in the emergency for however long. Instead of going around the corner and just having her checked out by a doctor there….

It’s so awful when your little baby gets sick. And no matter how much I keep telling myself that it’s fine, babies get a fever and it’s fine, the worst case scenario keep playing. Especially since she can’t talk yet and tell us what she’s feeling.

It’s also so hard to decide what to do, when it’s bad enough to go to the emergency. I know, I know, better safe than sorry, of course. But at the same time I don’t believe in running to the emergency any time she gets a bit sick, because babies do, and people do. And I don’t think she would feel better going in a car or on a bus and sitting at the emergency for hours before finding out that it’s just a fever.

We are keeping a close eye on her and taking her temperature all the time. She’s sleeping alot but she still seems fine in her behavior, she’s even smiling still. So we’re trying to figure out what to do, where to go, and of course, if the fever comes back we’re off to the emergency. I hope it’s over with now though, and the fever will stay away, and that we’re done with this.

I wonder if it ever gets easier. I guess the first time is the worst, but this is what we signed up for, worrying for the rest of our lives haha!

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