A weekend to ourselves

So living with my parents have been super nice but also a bit tough, of course. Moving back to your parents house after living on your own for 6 years is not easy. But we’re thankful. Especially for all the help we’re getting. But last weekend, my parents we’re going away for the weekend, so we had the place to ourselves. And it was amazing!

On Friday night we had a date night just the two of us while my grandma was looking after Emma. We had a three course dinner and spent the night talking and just being us again. It’s pretty much the first date we’ve had since Emma was born, except for a few short hours here and there. It was just what we needed. We spent the whole Saturday just being, the three of us, taking the dogs out for long walks, ordering in and watching a movie.

It was great to have a weekend to ourselves, it was just what we needed. And sometimes I think new parents forget how important it is to prioritize some alone time now and then.

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