Giving birth with a doula

So as you might know we decided to hire a doula pretty early in the pregnancy and we have been happy about it throughout. We’ve gotten great support, we had a great birth class and most of all it was just nice to have one person that was constant since we got different midwifes through the whole pregnancy. But by the time of the birth we really realized what an amazing decision it actually was.

First of all, we would have gone to the hospital a few times and been sent home if it wasn’t for her advise. We were in contact from when the contractions started and she helped us with advise on how to handle the pain. She came to meet us at the hospital and she helped out with the language and with explaining everything that was happening and what has about to happen.

She was an amazing support through the birth. I feel like I literally couldn’t have done it without her. She was there with us, talking us through it all, helping me handle the pain and understanding what was going on. And especially when pushing, Odi didn’t really know what to do, obviously, and she helped both him with what to do and me with surviving haha. She just knew what to do and say and how to say it to make me feel like I could actually do it! She also helped a lot just afterwards with just being there and being supportive. And in a little bit she’ll also do a home visit.

I am so happy that we made the decision to work with a doula and specifically with our doula, it was literally a perfect match and I am so grateful for her help that I don’t even know how to express myself. So if you’re in Barcelona, in need of a doula recommendation, you know who to ask!

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