Planning my wedding from a distance

As some of you know we’re getting married next year. Well to be honest we’re getting married this year, legally. Since Spain likes being super annoying with these things we thought we might as well get the hard part done and then do the wedding aside from that. So that’s what we’re doing.

If you’re expats getting married in Spain get started super super super early. I think it took us 6 months to get all our papers together and then go get them approved, and then there’s the risk of having to wait several months before getting an appointment to actually make it happen.

Anyway, we’re having our wedding in Croatia. Yes I know, French and Swedish living in Spain and now getting married in Croatia, could you guys make it more complicated? We had already planner to have our wedding may 2020 before I got pregnant actually. And when I did it still seemed like a good idea since the baby will be 10 months by then and I will have lost the baby weight (damn straight I will have). So this summer was supposed to be the planning summer ha ha… I ain’t going anywhere.

So thank f’ god for my parents. The reason why we’re getting married there is because my family has a house there and we’ve been spending the last 15 summers there. So that has always been my dream. So my parents are there vacationing right now, and they are running around, talking to people, planning, organizing, asking questions and helping us make decisions from there. And for those who don’t know me, I am grateful of course, but this is f’ killing me, I am the planner, the organizer, I live for that shit. So this is really a challenge in letting go of control. But I am sure it will be completely phenomenal. I trust my parents and the people helping us there. It will most definitely be the wedding of our dreams.

How our families are gonna communicate, now that’s a completely different story. They’ll have some practice before at least.

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