July challenge

So last month I started a monthly challenge, for myself but also in my facebook group Self Love and Must Haves Club, feel free to join us! My June challenge was

  • Watching less TV
  • Preparing completely for baby
  • Writing down my goals and visualize every day

And I am pretty proud of myself. So my biggest challenge was definitely decreasing my TV watching. Cause I am addicted! Like no joke, I can not be in the same room as TV without it being on (thanks for that dad haha). And even though I’m still watching a lot of TV I have seriously decreased it. Especially the just watch to watch time. So if I watch TV now it is intentional, to watch something special and not just to keep in, which is a huge change. I have even stopped myself from watching something specific several times, paused it and ended up doing something different for hours even! So proud.

The preparing for baby thing was a challenge because there was a lot to do, it wasn’t really a challenge to do, since I’m the plan and do in a second type person. Babys room was basically finished the same day I found out I was pregnant (well not really, but kind of).

And the third one, writing down my goals and visualizing every day. I did, every day, for the entire month. How ever it shifted a little towards the end, from not writing down my specific goals but just allowing myself to dream and visualize freely.

All of my challenges was really good and I did them really well, I have to say. So for this month I will set challenges, but since I am going to have baby this month (wow, crazy thing to say), I will give myself some understanding if it doesn’t go as well.

  • I will read something for my personal development every day
  • I will meditate at least 5 days a week
    (these are the part of my morning routine that I have been a bit lazy with)
  • And I will disconnect more from my phone.

What are you challenges gonna be?

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