Pregnancy photo shoot

We did a pregnancy photo shoot the other day. I was going back and forth about weather or not I wanted to actually do it the closer it got. When feeling big and uncomfortable, taking a bunch of photos isn’t really your version of a fun time. But we decided to do it anyway. One of the reasons being that we figured we’d just regret it if we didn’t, and the other being that we did our engagement photos with the same photographer, and we loved those photos, so the chances of us loving these photos, and also being comfortable during the photo shoot was quite big.

And it was great, I mean it is awkward of course, to do staged photos of you and your partner involving a huge stomach with a baby in it. But it was good and it felt like we got some good photos after all. It was a good time and I was excited to see the photos.

And rightfully so. We got the photos back today and they are amazing. I’m so happy we did it after all. Even if I felt huge and uncomfortable she managed to make me look great. We got some wonderful photos together, from this pregnancy and with the pups as well. I couldn’t be happier. So if you’re in Barcelona and you wanna do engagement photos or pregnancy photos or what ever photos, you know where to go.

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