Maternity Clothes

So let’s talk about maternity clothes. I thought that I would be completely fine with my own clothes through most of the pregnancy. Ha was I wrong! It went pretty fast that I didn’t want to wear my jeans anymore, I mean they fit, but it was just uncomfortable being so swollen. I do have a lot of over-sized clothes, t-shirts and dresses. And I was also thinking that since I was gonna be super pregnancy during the summer I didn’t want to spend money on maternity clothes that I would only wear for a very short time.

Eventually I just gave up and went to find some clothes that actually fit. And let’s be honest, getting fat and swollen, you deserve to feel comfortable and pretty in your clothes. But seriously, I don’t know who decided that as soon as you get pregnant you will automatically only dress in pink, cute clothes with butterflies on them? We all actually continue being the same person when we get pregnant, we also want to dress the same, just with some space for the growing stomach. It’s ridiculous, everywhere I went all the clothes were the same style. Apparently you’re supposed to dress like a child/old lady in badly fitted clothes, because you’re gonna be a mum now, and that’s how they dress.

I managed to find a completely normal black day2day dress, some black and white t-shirts and eventually a pair of black jeans. So yes, unless you wanna dress like a mix between a child and an old lady, you can only wear basics. But I do have to say that maternity jeans and sweatpants with the fabric covering the stomach, o m g, seriously the most comfortable piece of clothing I’ve ever worn. I’m never going back.

Summer has made it a bit harder too, I’m just wearing as little clothes as possible, at all times, and constantly thinking of that scen in friends when Ross comments on how Rachel’s dressed. A whole new level of funny nowadays.

If I had to buy maternity clothes all over again I would definitely go with bunch of t-shirts like this one, so what every one who’s staring at my stomach would have something to read.

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