How do you treat a pregnant woman?

I’m am actually shocked. I mean I haven’t really thought about it before, and therefor not how I have been acting myself in regards to pregnant women. But people really do not care, at all, not even a little. And it can’t possible be that they don’t notice, because nobody is actually looking you in the eye, they’re staring at your stomach. I haven’t really had a problem with it during the most part of my pregnancy, cause I have had pretty easy one. But now, I’m almost nine months, I’m big, it’s heavy, it’s uncomfortable, it’s warm, your feet are ginormous and hurts like hell after 2 minutes of walking and it’s beautiful and amazing and a fucking pain.

It bothers me because I’m not asking for much. All I would wish is for people to realize that maybe it’s easier for you to move out of the way than it is for me, maybe you could just turn a little to the left instead of walking into my stomach, maybe it would be easier for you to stand up in the metro so that I could sit down, and maybe you’re not in that much of a hurry so you could try to not slam your elbow into my bump when passing. Is that really too much to ask?

I can’t say for sure that I’ve always been super respectful and realized how heavy it actually is to carry around a growing human being inside of you. But I sure as hell have moved out the way if I meet a pregnant woman or old person for that matter, and haven’t expected them too. And I sure as hell have given them my seat on a bus or the metro. That is just common sense my friends.

So next time you meet a pregnant woman on the street, just make an effort to let her pass effortlessly, and if you meet her on the metro or bus, give up your seat, you’ll be fine.

How did you experience this while pregnant?
How do you act yourself?
What are your opinions on the matter?

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