Third trimester ultrasound – we’re having a giant

Wow, was this a fun experience? Oh yes it was. I have noticed that they don’t do things here like I would expect they do in Sweden. Which is not super surprising. And these Spanish ways are usually something I appreciate, but regarding this pregnancy I have to say I do miss the delicate Swedish ways a little bit. I mean, I do love honest, but maybe not someone quite literally dropping their jaw when you’re standing on the scale because they can’t believe you gained so much weight, which is also what they say, out loud, to your face, and then ask you to get on the scale again just to make sure it was actually true.

So to the ultrasound. I have been a little on edge the last few days, there is just something about an ultrasound that is scary. It’s so exciting, and it’s also I guess here you would find out if something is seriously wrong. So it freaks you out a bit. Turns out everything was completely fine, she’s all good, in position, ready to get out. And then to the problem. She’s apparently a giant.

Now I have of course checked with my Swedish midwife, and google, and all the pregnancy apps too, and she is, of course, not a giant. But Spanish people in general being a little smaller than us swedes, from their perspective, she is very very very big. Which, of course, is exactly what you want to hear when you are already dreading the day she decides to enter the world through you body (yey). So before being reassured that everything is fine by someone else than the Spanish little man, he was over there just going on and on about how huge this baby is, and me too for that matter. I think the term used was “big woman” oh yea, that was a good one. He suggested that I seriously decrease my eating, cause neither me or this baby could gain any more weight, that would not be good for anyone, basically stop eating. And he even went as far as wanting to do another ultrasound in 3 weeks, to check on this ginormous baby growing inside me. To make sure it won’t get too big? I guess?

Thank god for my doula, having warned me before about them saying things like this, and me being aware of their tendency to exaggerate or I might actually have fainted on the spot. So couldn’t be more excited about the miracle of life growing inside me, and one way or another, getting out.

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