Visit to Sweden

It has been amazing to be back home for a few days visiting family and friends. It was a bit nerv wracking since I was here to do a final exam regarding my bachelor’s degree. I did pass the part I went here to do but unfortunately got some more work to do with the essay that I was hoping to be done with. I’m how ever not the quitting type person so I plan on finishing sooner or later.

It was not amazing to fly in my state, I have to say, and surprisingly enough people were not helpful at all. I really did expect people to be a little bit helpful seeing as I was alone and eight months pregnant but people did not give a crap. I was fine though, and at least got a good seat on the plane. But my feet swell up like footballs.

I have gotten to hang out with my best girls, discussing baby and wedding details. And to spend a lot of time with my grandparents. Discussing giving birth with my mum and grandma how ever was not really that helpful, even though it was comforting. They both had such fast births that trying to ask them about things to bring to the hospital only amounted to them answering “there will be no time for that” and my trying to explain that even though these things can be genetic there are no guarantees. Well, let’s hope so anyway.

I also realized that we do have a name that I like in the family, that will be added to our list of maybe names, that one I will how ever keep to myself for a little bit.

It has been amazing, vacations to Altea with Odi, and Tarragona with Anna, and visiting Sweden, but I am so excited to get back home, to finish the preparations for the baby, and focus on myself, my relationship and my business until life is gonna change forever.

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