Good things to tell a pregnant woman

So I have talked a bit about weird things do when people are pregnant. For example here. So I thought it would be a good idea to write about things that are actually nice to hear when you’re pregnant. Which, of course, is only according to me but I do think these are more safe than the things that people usually do say like, OMG you’re so big, for example. No one wants to hear that they’re big, ever, under no circumstances, at all. And yes sure, I’m big because I’m pregnant, but that’s no surprise now is it?

  • That you look good in your clothes.
    For one, being uncomfortable with being pregnant is not only about a growing stomach, everything is growing, in weird ways, and you’re a weird form, and clothes doesn’t fit very well, and like that wasn’t enough you’re probably over sensitive too. So hearing that the one thing you found on the maternity section actually looks really good on you is really nice.
  • That you’ve grown since last time.
    Now me being a little extra sensitive to people saying stupid things, I might think, oh you don’t say. I really cannot believe that people get so surprised that you get bigger when you’re pregnant. Anyway, if you for some reason feel the need to comment on the size of this person (BUT WHY), skip sentences involving big and fat and just go with this one.
  • Can I feel your stomach?
    Well, no, not really, but at least you had the decency to ask if it’s okay. And if we are friend, it might actually be. But it is never, under any circumstances okay, or normal behavior to just put your hand on someones stomach. How would you like it?
  • Are you nervous, worried, scared?
    It is okay to ask, even if I might not wanna talk about it. And asking is always better than telling. Don’t start with throwing your friends friends scary story about giving birth. If anything, dig up a positive story about how everything is gonna be okay.

Do you agree/disagree?
What did/do you appreciate to hear?
And definitely did/do you not appreciate to hear?

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