June challenge

It’s a new month and there is always something special with a new month I think. It’s feels like a new start. I’m a huge fan of setting goals and I have my long term ones and my short term ones. I write down and read my long term goals every day to remember what I am doing and why. Setting goals can be a hard thing to do, because I believe that we learn to not aim to high and to be too realistic. I have had to work through some serious blocks to be able to dare to set super high goals for myself and learn that it’s okay to want it all.

The book I am reading right now is called “Get rich, lucky bitch”, so far phenomenal by the way, and she mentioned something really interesting about how we even learn from when we’re young that we shouldn’t say our dreams and wishes out loud cause then they won’t come true…

Anyway, this is a huge part of my personal development, working through my fears and blocks about aiming high, setting goals, money and mindset. And I’m also planning on setting up some challenges for myself.

So except for my goals I’m setting up some June challenges for myself.

  • Seriously reduce my time in front of the TV.
    I’m one of those people who actually do a lot at the same time as watching TV so I never really saw it as a problem. Lately I’ve felt that even if I can be productive, I’m definitely not as effective or present. And also it makes me spend a lot more time inside, at home.
  • Write my goals down and visualize them every single day.
    Not only every other day but every single day. And really work through the blocks that pop up when my mind starts telling my I can’t do it or that my goals are too high.
  • Completely prepare for baby.
    Not one single item or thing left on the list of things to do to prepare for this little baby girls arrival.

Do you accept the challenge?
Decide your own 3 challenges that you think will help you develop during the next month?

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