Pre-baby best friend vacation

This week has been my second pregnancy vacay. This time with my best friend, Anna. We felt we needed a pre-baby vacation too. And it was also one of the biggest events of the year with the company that we have partnered with. We didn’t go far, only to Tarragona, which is about one hour away from Barcelona. The success summit with the company was the entire weekend. It was amazing meeting up with our team from Sweden and spending three days being completely bombed with motivation and inspiration. Sitting there listening to these super inspiring people telling their stories really makes you realize how much this opportunity can change lives, and also how it really can suit anyone, seeing as how many different people have had huge success. It really is about who is willing to do the work and not give up, not who has the skills to begin with. We were completely amazed, also by the amazing work done in Malawi, this weekend only collecting over 80 000 euros for the Force for Good Foundation that among other things works with building bore holes for water in villages in Malawi.

What I take with me from this weekend is that it’s okey to want it all, to aim high and to want and strive for a life in abundance, and that if you don’t give up, you will get there. It also reminded me how much I really do want this, for me and my family, the time and money freedom that this opportunity can offer. If you are interested in finding out more about what it is that I do, you can contact me under “work with me” on this site, or reach out to me on facebook.

The rest of the week we have just had down time at the hotel. That’s what we wanted out of this trip. Just spending time together, hanging out, eating, drinking (soda for me) and relaxing, to feel completely rested. With this trip as an exception I’m how ever not a huge fan of the whole all inclusive type trips. I’m more for seeing, experiencing, learning, meeting, explore and really being in the place I travel too, cause let’s be honest, this hotel, pool and restaurant could have been placed anywhere in the world, it would barely make a difference. But for this specific trip it has been perfect.

What’s you preferred way of traveling?
Is there a big difference how you travelled before/after having kids?
What inspires you?

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