Having a baby when you have dogs

We get a lot of questions about our thoughts on the dogs with the baby coming. And well, I guess for the most part we just figure that things will be fine. There are some worries though. Our youngest one has a huge attention need and he’ll probably feel a little sad. The others have experienced having a new baby coming into the family so they’ll probably be fine. And then there is the introducing the dogs to the baby too.

I have tried to read up a lot on the subject and from what I can gather it’s important to take it slow. To bring something home from the hospital that smells like the baby so that the dogs can get to know the smell first. To make sure to say hi to the dogs first when you get home from the hospital, they have probably been a little stressed with you being gone for a few days.

What I think is most important is actually what is going on inside you. Your own feelings are probably what’s gonna effect the dogs the most. If you’re worried and stressed when introducing the dogs to the baby, the dogs will be too. I believe that keeping yourself calm and to trust is the most important thing. Which might obviously be hard if you don’t really trust your dogs. And maybe if you don’t, it’s time to get serious with their training, like we’re trying to do. Since we found out I was pregnant we have gotten more and more serious about the restrictions and the training. No more dogs on the couch, no more dogs in the bedroom. Cause putting up those restrictions after bringing the baby home will probably just make the dogs feel even more left out.

And then we’re lucky. Cause we have Anna, she’s gonna be able to take care of the dogs when we need to go to the hospital. And also to give the dogs extra attention when we first bring the baby home, take them for long walks and making sure they get all the love they need. But other than that I believe that it’s important to do that too. Make sure you get the extra cuddle time with the dogs even after bringing the baby home, and letting them get close to the baby too. I do trust in our pups, they are such kind little beings, and even if they might feel insecure I’m sure everything is gonna be fine.

What are your best tips for the dog – baby situation?
If you already have a baby, how did your dogs handle it?
And what were your biggest worries?

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