What I like about being pregnant

We can establish that I’m not one of those people who’s just super comfortable being pregnant. I’m not comfortable with getting bigger, caring around a bowling ball on my stomach, have all clothes fit badly (maternity clothes suck), having constant back pain or just feeling tired and clumsy all the time. I do really get amazed when I think about what my body is actually doing, and I do feel incredibly grateful that I get to experience it, that I didn’t have any problems getting pregnant and that my pregnancy is going great. I have also been one of the lucky ones how haven’t vomited and stuff. But I hate hate hate feeling clumsy and big and realizing there are things I can not do for myself as I get bigger (punching my independence in the gut). Anyway, I do feel like I need to also be a little positive, so here is a list of things that I actually do like about being pregnant.

  • The excitement – It’s like nothing I have ever felt before in my entire life. While it is thrown in there among 500 other feelings floating around constantly the excitement is completely new and phenomenal. I have already told my fiancé that even if I might hate this, I am doing it again, because nothing (this far in life) can compare to the excitement of expecting. It’s nerv wracking and completely terrifying but it’s amazing. That feeling when seeing the result on the pregnancy test, or the weeks waiting for the ultrasound that will tell you if it’s a boy or a girl.
  • Feeling her move – Is up there among the weirdest feelings I have ever experienced and all of a sudden it’s just a completely normal part of your day. It’s not even possible to try to explain the feeling. It’s really alien to have a living being rolling around inside your stomach, but it’s amazing. I get all filled up with love every time.
  • Planning and picturing – This is one of absolute favorite things about being pregnant. Me and Odi spend hours talking about her. What it’s gonna be like, what she’s gonna look like, what she’s gonna be like, what we’re gonna be like as parents. It always gives me the biggest smile on my face. It’s probably not gonna be anything like we picture or think, but it’s still so exciting to think about.
  • Togetherness – We were super close before I got pregnant too, but since then and going through this together has brought us so much closer together. It’s really special. I mean, we were engaged before, and I know people who have kids split up too, but somehow it’s like we’re bound together forever, in a completely different way.
  • Being taken care of, BY SOME – Now I think it’s clear that I am not a fan of people treating me like a kid, or like I’m sick, or like I can’t do stuff. I think my first ever sentence was, I can do it by myself, and I do not like having to admit defeat. But it is nice having my closest people giving me the special treatment, like offering a massage, or caring my bag.

So there are a few things that I like about being pregnant, and a lot of it is emotional and is one way or another connected to the excitement of what’s to come. I am so grateful for this journey that we’re on and this huge life-changing roller coaster we’re about to go on. And I thought it would be about time to high light some of the positives in the middle of the back pain and clumsiness.

What are you favorite things about being pregnant?
And your least favorite things?

2 thoughts on “What I like about being pregnant

  1. I loved feeling her move (up to the point when she tried to break my ribs :D)
    I also loved the nesting and shopping for her things:)

    But also as you said, I hated the clumsiness and dependence on my SO and the pains… Oh and I hated the actual birth OMG… But after she was born it all was soooo worth it!!!!

    Good luck:)


  2. Shopping for baby stuff is the best, feels like you get to be a kid again.
    You can eat whatever you feel like and no one will question you.
    Never having to worry about that belly fat.
    You cant feel alone because there’s a tiny human with you for 9 months.
    It’s nothing like I imagined, but every now and then I get an overwhelming feeling of being whole and that was probably the most unexpected of all 💖


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