Pre-baby vacation

So we went our so called baby moon. And it was phenomenal. We decided pretty early that we wanted to go on some sort of vacation around may, since we would usually go during the summer and that was no longer an option. We decided that what we wanted was a calm place, with a pool, in the sun, and just be together in a relaxing environment. I also decided that I did not want to fly anywhere but go by car, just in case I wasn’t feeling well. We found the most amazing bed and breakfast in Altea, about 4,5 hours by car from Barcelona. Altea Paradise, what an amazing place. It was such a beautiful place and exactly what we needed.

We spent 10 days in this paradise, we had great breakfast, a super cute cabana with out own little garden and the most amazing garden with a beautiful pool area. The whole place just scream relaxing. We hung out by the pool, tanned a lot, ate a lot and also went around a little to visit some different beaches and places.


We did end up in a few places that was not the most amazing idea while in this condition. Like a waterfall with powerful water climbing around slippery rocks, or a private little stony beach with no wind, way to warm with this already higher temperature and also, not too easy to walk, if nothing else than for the reason that my ankles swelled up tripple the size, I’m not even kidding it looked like I strained both of them. I did, in the vacation mood, really miss a glas of wine or a tasty gin and tonic. But I was fine. Old Town in Altea was beautiful and we had some amazing food.

Some things we did not think about:
The bed… I loved the place, it was literally dreamy. But the bed was a nightmare. It killed me, I could barely get up in the mornings without screaming.
The access to a kitchen… apparently we could not use the kitchen, which would have been nice for a few days, a long weekend maybe, but 10 days of eating in restaurants for lunch and dinner got really boring.

So needless to say, coming home and make a home cooked meal and then go to sleep in our bed was to die for.

We really did need this time together though, in everything that is going on and that needs to be fixed, prepared and planned for what’s to come, it was well needed to spend sometime together just us, no distractions, basically being forced to relax and just being together, appreciating the time together, appreciating each other and talking about everything. It was an amazing vacation!

One thought on “Pre-baby vacation

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