Baby shower

So I had a baby shower the other day. My best friends came to visit from Sweden over the weekend, well basically only the Saturday actually, but it was so great to have them. And Anna, my best friend, had organized a baby shower. So it wasn’t a complete surprise, since we live together and the girls were coming it wasn’t really easy to keep it a secret. But Anna had been running around hiding things in her bedroom, saying I couldn’t go in there and she was acting all kinds of weird. So we went out for breakfast in the morning, leaving Anna at the house. And when we came back she had fixed up the whole place so beautifully, she really put so much effort in, and it was so pretty. She had prepared a bunch of food, and cake and invited some of our friends and we spend the most amazing afternoon just hanging out, talking, eating and of course opening a lot of amazing presents.

It was exactly what I wanted, no silly games and stuff like that, just friend, hanging out, talking and celebrating. Now that’s my type of baby shower. We got so many books, in so many languages, with the cutest little notes inside, such cute baby clothes and a baby sitter that Miles (or tiniest dog) thought was for him, so he made it his bed for the day.

I just spend the whole day super happy and grateful and just overwhelmed with love. I also had a moment during the baby shower where this overwhelming feeling of “oh shit this is real, we’re actually having a baby” that happens a little now and then.

I’m so grateful for all the amazing people that I have in my life, even if many of them are far away most of the time, the time we do spend together is just filled with love and laughter. I’m so grateful for all the amazing people and all the love that this baby already have around her.

One thought on “Baby shower

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