Best friends forever, literally

A lot of us have that one person who we tell everything to, who is always there for us, that one person. Me and my bestie have not known each other since we were children, we became friends when we were about 19 and we have been irreplaceable ever since. We’re the friend people see as sisters and that would never go anywhere without one another. We took it a bit further, we moved in together as soon as we moved away from home. We have done all our travels together, Anna even spent Christmas with my family for about 5 years.

So we planned our entire lives together, our whole futures, together. And everyone always said “you’re gonna have to move apart at one point or another”, or “what if you meet someone who doesn’t agree to living together with your friend”. Well, we never really saw it that way. It was never a question. Let’s face it, there is actually nothing that says that we have to live a certain way, just because most people do. For us it was more of a, well maybe we won’t share a room anymore but we’ll at least live next door, or well if one of us meet someone who doesn’t like the way we wanna live, or doesn’t like my best friend, then it doesn’t seem quite right anyway, does it?

So we packed our dogs and our lives and moved to Barcelona together, I started my business and Anna started shortly after. We have now lived in 5 different apartments, 2 different countries and with about 5 different people. Just because people usually live with their partner only, doesn’t mean that’s they only way to do things.

We have our little family here, with our routine and our way of doing things, and that’s the way we wanna live. So as you might imagine, many people have wondered, and been quite surprised by the respons. Anna is staying here with us when the baby comes. It might seem weird, but look at it this way, we’re gonna have so much more help than most new parents do, we’re gonna have someone here who can give the dogs all the attention that they need so they don’t feel left out in the beginning. Especially when living far from our families, who most people might have to help otherwise. And it’s not all bad for Anna either. Because we live all together we can live in a nicer apartment, pay less, clean less, cook less and all those things that we share responsibility for instead of having to do alone.

This is the way we choose to live. And while I can understand that it might raise a few eyebrows, I think more people should make choices based on what they actually want and not only on what seems to be the right thing to do. Now maybe everyone doesn’t want to live with their best friend for ever, maybe everyone doesn’t want the same future as their best friend, maybe everyone doesn’t want 50 dogs, or to build a business, but what ever it is that you want, make sure you go for it, for you, and don’t listen to much to all the norms out there.

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