Buying for baby and nursery

Something that I found really hard was what to buy, what to start buying and when to buy those things. It really is a jungle of things that you need – or don’t need – when having a baby. Now since this whole thing was really hard to wrap my head around, and probably is for everyone, reading books and preparing through buying things, has been how I’ve made myself feel calm and how I’m getting prepared for what’s to come. And I have asked my mum for help in terms of what you actually do need and what things on the lists that you don’t really need.

I have kept myself pretty calm though and not gone completely crazy. We did start buying some things. First of all we got a crib when we went to Ikea, since we were getting things delivered anyway.

Since we were getting a new closet for our bedroom we decided to move out dresser into the baby room and turn it into a changing table. We’ve also gotten some totally adorable clothes. We haven’t gone too crazy there either actually, and also we made sure to get some clothes in different sizes and not only for a newborn.

We also went to get a stroller pretty early. Being the beginning of a new year and all, the new models were coming in and the old ones went on sale. So we made sure to get one on the sale.

At first we were thinking that we would get one of those beds that you can attach to your own bed. But then we found this one, on sale, so we decided to get that instead. Since it’s a crib but also a raised bouncer, high chair and table chair. It’s called Chicco Baby Hug 4n1

We are also getting some things from my parents, that they have saved since me and my brothers were kids. But otherwise we don’t really have anyone with babies in our surroundings. We have also made a decision to be done with everything one month before the due date. Every tiny little detail that we might need, so that we can really relax the last month.

We also decided to keep our extra bed and use the baby room as a guest room, at least for a while.

I love this room. We both just go in there and sit sometimes. I guess trying to picture that there will actually be a baby there soon.

When did you prepare your nursery?
What was the most important items for your baby?

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