How and why we chose to work with a doula

So we have decided to work with a doula. A doula is a non-medical person who helps, supports and cares for your during pregnancy, birth and sometimes after. To be honest, I didn’t even know what a doula was before I got pregnant. But like you might have red in previous posts like Tips for having a baby in another country our situation was a bit messy in the beginning.

We were completely lost and scared and I also made the choice to not tell my family (as you can read more about in Telling the family) before I saw them face to face. Not that they could have helped us navigate our way in Spain anyway.

Working with networking I do have a Facebook filled with different people. And one day when I was scrolling I saw a woman who was pregnant and I immediately messaged her and asked for help. She recommended me a doula, that was working specifically with expats in Barcelona. So I contacted them and we went for a meeting.

They explained how they worked and what they did. And it was like a huge weight was lifted off our shoulders. Cause all of a sudden we felt like if there was something we couldn’t figure out we would get help, if we had problems with the language, we could get help, and what scared me the most, if we would end up in an emergency situation or just in the situation of giving birth surrounded with people who didn’t speak any English and just not knowing what was happening, well we wouldn’t, cause we would have our doula there, helping us through.

So we decided then and there to go for the program they were offering and we have not regretted it so far. She came with us to the doctors appointment when we were feeling uncomfortable. We have gotten a prenatal course to prepare us for birth and what’s to come. We have someone to message as soon as we need help or advice on something. And we’re gonna have someone we feel comfortable with coming with us when it’s time for this baby girl to be born.

We have chosen one of the doulas in the group we’re working with, but they are three doulas just in case the one that is our main one wouldn’t be available for the birth or something like that.

I feel so much more comfortable and prepared for this with knowing I have a support system. I don’t know if I would have hired one if I still lived in Sweden, or if I spoke fluent Spanish, but in the situation we’re in, especially being far from our families and loved ones, we are so happy we made this decision.

Did/would you want to work with a doula?
If so, what are you looking for in a doula?
If you did work with a doula, are you happy you did?

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