Feeling the baby move for the first time

So like I have mentioned before, it was hard realizing that the pregnancy actually was real because I didn’t feel any different. Except for being completely exhausted, which you can feel even if you’re not pregnant. It started to feel more real when we went to the first ultrasound. Hearing that heartbeat for the first time really makes a difference, and it was really emotional too, for the both of us. Up until that point I was still kind of expecting for it to not be real.

Then, of course, when I started feeling the baby. So I thought that the first feel would be like on tv. It wasn’t quite like that, didn’t start out like that at least. In the beginning I was just kind of feeling something, something that let’s be real, might as well could have been gas. I wasn’t really sure if it was movement or not. You’re also super Then one night when I went to bed, I had been moving around a lot that whole day, and all of a sudden I was very still and then it really felt like something was moving around in there. It’s so hard to explain what it feels like, some people say that it feels like a fish, I don’t know what i wanna call it, like bubbles maybe.

Then I actually had one of those kick moments. I was sitting on the coach and my parents were visiting. They were in the kitchen and me and Anna were sitting on the couch. All of a sudden something happened, and my eyes almost popped out of my head, Anna saw my reaction and that was the first tiny little kick. It was so weird, such a weird feeling. This was around week 19.

One of my favorite moments of the pregnancy was about one week after that. Me and Odi were laying in bed talking, and I felt something moving around in there, so I put his hand where I felt her moving, and we just continued talking, then all of a sudden there was a kick, and now his eyes almost popped out of his head. He was so happy about having felt her, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile that big. And after that he would ask me like 6 times a day is she was moving and put his hand on my stomach.

Feeling the baby was a super weird feeling, but what is even more weird is how natural it feels after a little while. After some time it’s just a part of you day that something is flapping around in your stomach. At this point it’s several times a day and a completely normal part of my day. We also try to make sure Odi gets to feel her at least once a day. The more I feel her the closer I get to be able to feel a connection to her actually being a real person, that part still feels so surreal.

How was your first experience with feeling your baby?
Were you sure from the beginning that it was the babys movements you were feeling?
How did you react, and how did you partner react?

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