The products and tips that completely transformed my hair

Today I wanted to talk specifically about my favorite products. So as you might have seen my online business is working with high quality beauty and health products, which I am completely in love with, I have mentioned some products in:

  1. Morning Routine
  2. Weekly Routine

Now I could talk all day and all night about how these amazing products have transformed everything from my immune system to my skin, but today I wanted to tell you all about my hair products.

Since I was pretty young I have been damaging my hair like a crazy person. I have straightened my hair every single day, and colored it like crazy, we’re talking black to blonde with the hair dye you get from the grocery store and then back again. So for many years my hair have not grown, and when it has it’s been so thin at the ends that I needed to cut it off anyway. My curls were completely ruined which just made me hate them even more and therefor continue straightening it. I started taking better care of my hair about 2 years ago, by not straightening it for example, and for many years I would only color it at the hairdressers, I tried 500 000 different products and masks for my hair but I never really felt like anything made a difference, until I got into contact with the company I’m partnered with. And wow.

This is my before and after picture, a few months in between.

It’s completely crazy how the quality of my hair changed and my curls!! What I used was

  1. Re-vitalizing schampo – that maximizes the vitality of your scalp, makes your hair stronger, fuller and thicker and awakens the growth.
  2. Renu hair mask – is a deep conditioning mask that triples the strength of damaged hairs, prevents breakage and split ends and makes your hair soft and easier to handle

So you can understand how happy I was after seeing this photo. So then I took another one, to show the growth. Cause finally my hair was actually growing, which was a miracle.

There’s about 2 months in between these pictures

I’m so happy with the results I have gotten from these amazing products. So now I wanna offer you guys 20% off and you can get them right here:
Spanish link
Swedish link
(if you need a link for another country, let me know)

Other tips

  • Put the straightener away…
  • Dry your hair with a t-shirt
  • Sleep with braided hair
  • Try to not wear it up as much

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