Telling the family

What was really hard about the beginning of the pregnancy was to not tell my family and friends. We had a hard time too, right after I found out I was pregnant it was 10 years ago that my grandfather died. This is always a hard day for us, and then my family had to put our dog down. And every time I talked to anyone of my family members I just wanted to give them these happy news. I was also going through t a lot of feelings and thoughts and emotions and I wanted to talk to my mum and my friends and all that. So it was hard. But I was going home for Christmas, and it was so important to take the opportunity to tell them to their faces and see their reactions. And now I’m so so so happy that I did.

I went home, by myself unfortunately, for Christmas and I was so excited. My dad picked me up from the airport and I was just bursting cause I just wanted to scream that I was pregnant. But as the over-doer that I am I had of course made these cute notes that I was gonna give to them to be able to really enjoy their reactions. So I started with my mum, dad and little brother, and it was so emotional, all and all there was just a lot of happy tears and love. The best one was when I told one of my best friends Nikki, her reactions are always to die for. I filmed it all and sent all the videos to Valentin so he got to see it. And I’m so happy I waited even though it was hard.

Did you wait to tell people when you got pregnant?
How did you tell your partner?
How did you tell your family?

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