Surprised or planned pregnancy?

Welcome to today’s post. One of the questions that a lot of people ask when you get pregnant is of course if it was planned or a surprise, and our answer is, both.

About a year ago we decided, one drunken night, that I would stop the pill. Of course we also discussed the decision the day after, and the day after that, when we were not drunk, and still thought it was a decision we wanted to make. So we didn’t necessarily want kids right then and there, but we also didn’t wanna be trying to get pregnant, we kind of wanted it to be a surprise, whenever it would happen.

I then spent a year with a late period every month, which was awful. Not only that with my late period also came a lot of symptoms that might as well could have been pregnancy. Every single month, for a year, I had a scare, or a moment of hopefulness. I don’t even know. It was also hard since we wanted it to happen, but at the same time we wanted to wait just a little, and at the same time we knew it could take time, and then we also wanted it to be now, so it was a lot of mixed feelings going on. Just like every month I went through a wave of feelings, hopefulness, excitement, stress, relief, disappointment and yeah, all kinds of feelings. So in november last year it happened again, I was late, and I was not gonna let all those feelings make me go crazy again. “I’m just late again, I’m just late again, I’m just late again”. I’m not doing a damn pregnancy test again.

But this time I had very intense symptoms, sore breasts and crazy mood swings and yeah, the late period again. So I set a day, if I haven’t gotten my period by this day I will do a test. And this time there were 2 lines on the stick. And I thought I was gonna faint. So I ran up to Anna, and screamed at her (she was sleeping) she flew off the bed and I just stared at her and then put the test in front of her. And I said, “go get more” then I was just walking around the apartment, in circles, like a crazy person, until Anna grabbed me and put me on the couch and told me to breathe.

I did 2 more tests and they also showed 2 lines and I had to realize that it was true. So I kept walking around in circles and being happy, and crying, and panicking, and laughing, and being happy again. Then when Valentin came home I had fixed up a little present for him. When he opened it he didn’t say anything, nothing, not a word, and then he looked at me and said “really??” and then we had the same kind of crazy walking around chanting type of reaction for some time.

Was your pregnancy planned or a surprise?
How did you tell your partner?
How did you partner react?

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