How my fiancé proposed to me

So I’ve posted our story of how we met before and so here is our next story, the proposal. Almost exactly one year ago, it happened. Which means we’ve been together for two years. It’s weird how two years can pass so fast and at the same time, feel like a life time. During only these two years we have already come so far in making our dreams come true, and I’m so excited for everything that we have ahead of us.

When I turned 25 I had planned this big thing with my whole family and all of my friends. Since we don’t live in the same place it was really important for me to have everyone in the same place. So we rented two houses in Sitges, about 30 min by car from Barcelona. One for my family and one for my friends, and we spent a week there having the best time. For my birthday party we had a bit of a glamour theme and everyone dressed up a lot. When everyone arrived we were taking photos on the terrace. After all the photos were done Odi was gonna make a speech and by then I was almost sure what was gonna happen.

So it wasn’t the biggest surprise, we had talked a lot about it, I had told him what my dream proposal was, and since it involved my friends and family the thought had crossed my mind, that this situation was the perfect one. But by the time we were there and had spent a few days there, I kind of started thinking that it wouldn’t happen. So at the same time it was a huge surprise, and I think no matter how sure you are it will happen, that feeling really can’t compare anyway.

So after the beautiful speech that left all in tears he went down on one knee and asked me to marry him with the most beautiful ring, and of course, I said yes, well if I’d been able to speak that’s what I would have said, but I nodded. After what I think was the longest hug-party ever where everyone hugged everyone, probably several times, while crying, we started the celebration and I spend a few hours in complete chock and happiness.

It happened just the way I always dreamed and I’m forever grateful to Odi for doing it in that way. I know it was hard for him to talk and do something like that in front of all those people. Not that we really remember what he said, he was too nervous and my mind just went blank when I realized what was about to happen. It was a beautiful moment that I will remember for the rest of my life.

All these amazing photos are from our engagement photoshoot with

How were you proposed to?
Did you know it was gonna happen?
What’s your dream proposal?

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