The tinder success

So me and Valentin actually met on tinder, yes, it’s true. And we love our story. I would actually use tinder basically to, match, talk and then “never have time” to meet up, so it was completely useless for me. I did like talking to people though and I was talking to Odi for a while. Then one day we were gonna pre-party at our flat and he was going out with a friend so we invited them to come over, thinking worst case we could just get rid of them in the club (never without a get-away). So they showed up and he did not talk. I’m not saying like – I’m a big talker and I thought he was very quiet. He did not speak at all, he didn’t say anything, no words. And I thought, wow that’s a fun dude. So we ended up going to different clubs and I thought that was it. However after a while I got a text where he said they had ended up in the same club as us and they had a table in the V.I.P so of course we headed over there. And he still did not say a word, not until after we all left, I guess he had enough alcohol to start speaking English by then.

We were hanging out for a while without being the least bit serious. None of us wanted a relationship. And I think that kind of took the pressure off everything. So we kind of accidentally got to know each other, without really thinking about it, and after a lot of denial, we realized that we actually kind of liked each other a bit more than planned. And then it went really fast. After realizing we did like each other, a lot, and that we really wanted to be together, we went on to meet each others families and moving in together pretty fast.

I could not be happier that I was using tinder, and that we had a lot to drink that night. Cause we have concluded that if we would have gone on a proper date straight away we probably would not be where we are today. It’s amazing when you think about how small the chances were that we would ever meet each other, and all the circumstances it took for us to realize how amazing we are together. Isn’t it just amazing how the universe works sometimes?

So here we are, 2 years later, planning our wedding and having a baby, I guess both of us kind of thought – if it feels right, why wait?

Did you ever use tinder?
How did you meet your partner?
What’s your opinion on going fast or slow in a relationship?

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