Love and hormones and tips on how how to handle them

So today I want to talk about how pregnancy has effected my relationship, so far. And let’s be honest, it’s not all good and great with all the hooormones. I have been lucky when it comes to symptoms of pregnancy, no vomiting or anything like that. I’m however already a very emotional person and hormones on top of that has not been easy. The first trimester I was an emotional roller coaster and let me tell you, it could not have been easy on my fiance. I was confused within myself and my feelings were overwhelming. So I was all over the place, when he was away I was crying for a hug and when he came home I wanted to rip his head off. I would tell him I love him and 2 seconds later scream about him not understanding what unreasonable feeling I had at that moment.

It’s funny now, but it was actually really awful, cause deep down I really just wanted to share this and be happy and all that came out of me was rage or annoyment or tears. Thankfully second trimester have been way better. Finally my feelings have calmed down and I’m feeling all the love, happiness and sharing that I was longing for. And I have literally never felt so close to someone in my entire life. I want to spend every second with him and we can not get enough of talking about our future.

I really do enjoy and value this closeness and it’s such an amazing feeling to share this journey. It’s amazing going through this crazy time with someone who is as lost as yourself. And also with someone that I’m so extremely sure will become the most amazing parent. I’ve never felt more supported than I do and I’m so blessed that my daughter will have that support too.

While we all know hormones are hormones, I do have some tips on how to make the situation easier on yourself

  • Don’t feel too guilty if you accidentally snapped at someone, you are, after all, pregnant and filled with raging hormones.
  • Talk openly to the people around you, most importantly your partner, about what you’re feeling. This one can be really hard, especially if you, like me, are a little bit of a proud person. But it makes it easier on the other person.
  • Also tell the people around you what they can do to make it easier for you, leave you alone, hug you, make a joke, what ever works for you.
  • Meditation! This might not be for everyone, and I’m not an expert at it myself, but even just a few minutes to yourself in silence can help.
  • Get some alone time, if you feel annoyed, go take a bath or go for a walk or listen to some music.
  • Journal. Now this will probably be on every list of tips for every problem in life for me, I love journaling, just getting all the thoughts and feelings out on paper.
  • Give each other a break, you’re going through something life-changing, you’re probably both stressed out and going though your own range of emotions. Talk, be honest and hug a lot.
All of the amazing photos of me and my fiancé were taken by

How have you been affected by hormones?
How have hormones affected your relationship?
How have pregnancy affected your relationship?

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