Starting my blog

I’ve always loved writing so I’ve had different blogs on and off during my life. I have always had alot to say, whether or not someone is listening. So now that I’ve entered this new period of life with being engaged and pregnant and all that while living in another country. I thought it was about time to start a new blog, and this time to write it in english instead of swedish.

I posted a very honest text on my Facebook page and got a lot of good reactions from it because it was honest and open and just telling my story. So that’s what I wanna do. I gonna tell you my thoughts and opinions and experiences just the way they are. I think that this social media society wraps everything in pink fluffy clouds and life is not always like that. I will also give you my best tips and advice based on my own situation, I’m no expert. I will also talk about live and love in general.

I encourage you to comment, discuss, tell me your story, your opinion and experiences.

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